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The Pumpkin Club

The Club was set up after the 1964 Flower Show when a discussion in a local Pub about how many wrong decisions the judges made that day! It was debated what could be grown that didn't need to be judged, the answer being a Pumpkin.

The heaviest Pumpkin would be the winner. No judgement, just a set of scales.

Thus The Pumpkin Club was set up to grow Pumpkins with good humour. 

The Pumpkin Show is held every October at the Village Hall, there are giant pumpkins and a nail-biting weigh-in, with the crowning of King or Queen Pumpkin for the heaviest. Other classes include best decorated pumpkin, cookery, art, photography, best pumpkin cheat, and a range of other vegetable classes. No vegetable is excluded to our knowledge! There are prizes for the children’s classes and a few for the adults. It’s a really great afternoon for all the family.

The hanging embroidered wall art was produced by the Arts & Crafts group.

55th Pumpkin Show 2019.002.jpeg

2019 Pumpkin King, Fred West 177.7Kg

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